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Planning Meeting Notes 4.26.9

You missed some good fun and great company, but if you'd like to catch up on what was discussed, check out our meeting notes, stored online here.

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Earth Day Update

Happy Earth Day Neighbor! It has been a busy winter on the planning side of the Arleta Triangle Project--writing grants and scheming for the season ahead. It looks like the winter is officially behind us and the time has come once again to take care of our beloved community project. Join us for two coming events:

5636 SE 63RD AVE (503.310.7762 w/ questions or RSVP)
We'll be discussing our budget, calendar, and goals for the 2009 building season. If there's only one event you can attend this year, let this be the one! Your input is very important! RSVP via email to this address.


Oregonians from every corner of the state are invited to roll up their sleeves during Oregon's birthday commemoration to give back to their state. We're going to continue to improve our corner of the state, city, and neighborhood at the Arleta Triangle Project by cleaning up the site and working on our kiosk and living wall.

For more information on SOLV Take Care of Oregon Days ; RSVP on the web

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Super Duper Update: 2008 Edition

It's been a while since the last site update, so there's lots to report. Please continue to support our project by checking for updates and especially by stopping by a work party and sharing a your ideas or picking up a shovel to help!
  • ATP Maintenance: Thanks to a dedicated crew of folks, the Arleta Triangle is looking really tidy. Special thanks go out to Mt. Scott Fuel for donating bark dust and gravel for our last few work parties.
  • Adopt-A-Tree 2008: has been a huge success. From Martin to Carlton, Duke to Ramona, our trees are feeling loved and cared for by the fabulous folks who graciously offered to tend them individually through the dog days of summer. If you have a few extra minutes and some gray water to get rid of, why not stop by the Triangle and show our plants some love!
  • Canopy Painting and Installation: The canopy fabrication is complete and as soon as we're done painting them, we'll schlep them over to the site and install them. If you're interested in helping paint, stop by the site early Saturday morning (9AM) before heading over to the neighborhood block party later that afternoon.
  • Website Redesign: We've switched over entirely to a blog format (for easy updating), with a calendar and online donation options. Keep your eyes open for an updated link to the Mt. Scott-Arleta Neighborhood Association website soon. For added security, note the updated email address, too: project (at) arleta-triangle (dot) org
And be on the lookout for these coming attractions:
  • Community Communications Kiosk: Once the canopies are installed (mid-August), we'll work on installing a kiosk which hosts permanent information about the project as well as current information of neighborhood interest. The design is still up in the air. If you'd like to contribute, why not stop by a work party and share your ideas?
  • Grant Writing Parties: We need some green to keep our site green. It only takes a few interested folks to work on grant proposals in the off-season to keep the project moving forward for an entire year.
  • Water Catchment and Alternative Energy Development: We've got some radical ideas about watering and lighting our site. If you're technologically inclined and interested in contributing to the project, stay tuned!
  • Permaculture Redesign: Site maintenance has been onerous (to say the least) so we're exploring ways to install low maintenance plants that will keep our site looking beautiful year-round.
  • The Evolving Wall: Many of you noticed and commented on our cob wall "failure". We've brainstormed many clever ways for dealing with the limits of cob for our purposes on site. Let's see where it goes...

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This is just a reminder that we're hosting a DISCO SKATE PARTY tonight at the Mt. Scott Community Center from 8-10PM to raise money for the VBC. There will be good food, good music, and lots of fun to be had--so come on over. (Skate rental is included in the $5 cover.)

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Coming Events

There's much to do as the VBC approaches. Here's an update on the schedule of events for the VBC and let you know what we still need from volunteers.
  • Saturday, May 6th-- Neighborhood Clean-up: We'll be working on the triangle from 9-12, weeding, moving some gravel around and generally gettting the site ready for the swarms of volunteers who'll be iin attendance for the VBC. At noon we'll bring our debris over to Arleta school and help them finish up there as needed. We need some strong hands to helpas Brian Borrello starts putting up the posts that will hold our canopy. Bring work gloves, wheelbarrows, debris containers, water bottles and refreshments.
  • Friday, May 12th--Skate Party, 8-10PM, Mt. Scott Community Center Rink: This is our first big fundraiser for the triangle project in a while. We need to raise $750 to cover the cost of our builder for the VBC. We're looking for people to help run concessions. Also, we're thinking it would be nice to sell some homemade stuff, so if you like to bake and have something you'd like to donate to concessions, we'll happily accept it.
  • Saturday, May 13th--Foundation Prep: We'll be working on prepping the wall for the VBC throughout the day. I'll have more info once I see what we accomplish on the 6th.
  • Saturday, May 20th--VBC opening day and BLOCK PARTY!!! We need people of all shapes, ages, colors and sizes to come out to the triangle and help us kick off the day. We're looking for musicians (or any entertainers for that matter) , event organizers (help set up and break down, help put out lunch, etc.) , cob stompers, outreach people, and merry-makers to come out and help us make this thing possible.
  • Sunday, May 28th--ICE CREAM SOCIAL: We're looking for someone to help us organize this event as well.
In the meantime, if you'd like to get more involved, drop us a line at 503.774.3062 or email neighborhoodrepair@gmail.com. We look forward to seeing you on the Triangle and at the Skate Party!

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Proposed Final Canopy Design

I know, I know. The triangle looks like a mess. The project coffers are empty. The VBC is looming and it seems like we've got so much to do. Have no fear, gentle neighbors, help is on the way. What you're seeing in the canopy design above is the result of months of design charettes, neighborhood surveys, and general community input gathering. Additionally, fun is one the way. I'll be sending out an email soon detailing upcoming fun fundraising events, the date of a quick pre-VBC clean-up on the Triangle, and other inspiring information to get you reinvigorated about the project.

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